Thibaud Deruelle



College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Politics
Department: SSIS
Research Centre/Unit: Amory Building, Streatham Campus

My research thesis aims to offer a new understanding of the exercise of regulatory powers by European Agencies. It posits that  delegation and accountability theories only offer limited leverage on why European agencies are able to yield powers. Following the interpretivist tradition in political science, I explore the claim that reputation make or break the power of agencies through the case study of the European Centre of Disease prevention and Control (ECDC), an agency seemingly powerless that exercises a decisive role in the regulation of health risks.


In addition to working as a TA in Exeter during the Atumn term, I also convene two 2nd year modules in European Politics and European Affairs at SciencesPo Lille (France) during spring term.

As for my background, after an MA in European Studies at SciencesPo Strasbourg in 2009 and at the College of Europe in 2010, I worked in the services for relations with national parliaments of the European Parliament in Brussels (2011-2012) and then became Academic Assistant at the Department of European and Political Administrative Studies of the College of Europe in Bruges (2012-2015).