Thomas Chadwick

Project Summary

My research project concerns Norman ethinicty within the eleventh and twelfth centuries, covering those areas in which the Normans were predominant, namely Normandy, the British Isles, Southern Italy and Sicily and the Holy Land. This research builds upon works concerning the perceived attributes that constitute Normanitas, namely violence, ferocity, courage and cunning, by contextualising ‘Normanness’ through the exploration of precursory sources of significant influence on the gens Normannorum literary tradition as well as sources from contemporary gens. This research aims to bring these perceived attributes of Norman ethnicity together with other studies concerning medieval ethnicities, such as the work by Walter Pohl.

Supervisory Team

Professor Sarah Hamilton

Dr Helen Birkett

Wider Research Interests

My wider research interests include: Norman, French, English and Italian medieval history; the nature of medieval knighthood; military codes of conduct, namely chivalry and Bushidō; the crusades; medieval romantic and chivalric literature; textual tradition in Late Antiquity and the early middle ages.