Thomas Fidler

Department: Humanities Penryn
Discipline: History
Research Centre/Unit: Institute of Cornish Studies

Project Summary

Through an interdisciplinary approach, I will explore the socio-economic implications of life in the Tamar Valley and surrounding areas and develop an understanding of the complex identities that have formed at the border of Cornwall. By looking at the cultural and political past, supported by more contemporary interviews and surveys I will be conducting, I hope this research brings to light some important discussions surrounding identity and borders in the wider British context, and how this has changed over time.

Supervisory Team

Lead Supervisor: Dr Garry Tregidga - Director of the Institute of Cornish Studies

Second Supervisor:  Dr Martha Vandrei - History Lecturer

Mentor: Dr Nick Groom

Wider Research Interests

I have been involved in documentary film research for a film called 'Cornwall and the Great War' and was also the team co-ordinator, a researcher and interviewer for the documentary 'How the West was Won', which followed the 2015 General Election in Cornwall.