Tine Schenck

My aspirations for the future are to work my way into the academic world of Experimental Archaeology. I very much like the thought of being involved in promoting experiments as only one of many methods to contribute to a multifaceted Archaeology, and would very much like to see more experiments make their way into the general, archaeological discourse. If I can help in this process, I would like nothing more. At the same time, I also enjoy working with concrete, cultural-historical problems that relate to specific contexts, periods and cultures. Experimenting with archaeological technology is a fruitful way into a very different type of understanding, and one of my aims is to be able to experiment with a broad range of technologies with a broad range of people. I like nothing more than to explore new crafts and learn from skilled people and would very much like to continue down that line of research. Finally, I have as a personal aim to move universities, to explore the academic world of Archaeology, what different research traditions can offer me, and what I can offer in return. I think of this as an important part of my vocational, educational training and am working towards opportunities to get to know other research environments, even outside of Archaeology itself.