Dr. Tom Cawkwell



College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies

I am a former PhD student and current Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Sociology, Philosophy & Anthropology and Politics departments at Exeter. I submitted my thesis in November 2014 and was awarded my doctorate following a successful defence of my work in my viva in January 2015. My supervisors were Professor Anthony King and Professor Brian Rappert. The title of my PhD thesis is "UK Strategy in Afghanistan, 2001-2014: Narratives, Transnational Dilemmas and 'Strategic Communication'". I was born in East Yorkshire and grew up in Houston, Texas. In 2001 I returned to Yorkshire to complete my secondary schooling before attending university at Hull, where I achieved a Bachelor's degree in Politics (2007) and a Master's degree (with Distinction) in Civilisation, Terrorism and Dissent (2010). In between (and during) my degrees I have worked for a number of businesses and local authorities as a researcher. I currently live in Exeter with my wife, Claire, and my dog, Hamish. I enjoy hiking and wild camping and swimming.