Tom Chaloner



College: College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Discipline: Biosciences
Department: College of Life and Enviornmental Sciences

Completing an extended essay assignment on utilizing host induced gene silencing to protect crop plants against pathogenic fungi confirmed Toms interest in plant pathology and food security.

Tom is now at the University of Exeter investigating acclimation and adaptation of plant pathogenic fungi to climate change. This project combines mathematical modelling, genomics, bioinformatics, plant pathology and microbiology, and is under the supervision of Dr Dan Bebber and Prof Sarah Gurr.

Tom also has a keen interest in education and university access. During his time at Oxford he mentored GCSE students outside of the national curriculum and acted as an Access Ambassador for The Queen’s College. Further, he has previous experience both as a teacher in an academy in Liverpool, as well as a private tutor.