Tom Chaloner



College: College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Discipline: Biosciences
Department: College of Life and Enviornmental Sciences


Completing an extended essay assignment on utilizing host induced gene silencing (HIGS) to protect crop plants against pathogenic fungi confirmed my interest in plant pathology and food security.

I am now a PhD student at the University of Exeter. My research focuses on temperture ecology of plant pathogens, across multiple scales of biology. I am interested in temperature broadly as an axis of a species nice, how temperature and climate change influences pathogen movement and resultant host disease risk, as well as the cell biology and genomics of temperature responses.

My research involves meta-analyses of big datasets, mechanistic modelling, genomics and bioinformatics, experiemntal evolution, microscopy, as well as standard laboratory techniques. 

I am under the supervision of Dr Dan Bebber, Prof Sarah Gurr and Dr Helen Fones. 




Chaloner TM*, Fones HN*, Varma V, Bebber DP, Gurr SJ. 2019. A new mechanistic model of weather-dependent Septoria tritici blotch disease risk. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B.

Thomas Chaloner and Jan A.L. van Kan and Robert T. Grant-Downton. 2016. RNA "Information Warfare" in Pathogenic and Mutualistic Interactions. Trends in Plant Science.