Tom Vozar

Thomas Matthew Vozar

Discipline: English
Research Centre/Unit: Department of English / Centre for Early Modern Studies / Centre for Classical Reception

Project Summary

Milton, Longinus, and the Sublime in the Seventeenth Century

Supervisory Team

Karen Edwards, Professor of English (Primary)

Matthew Wright, Professor of Greek (Secondary)

Wider Research Interests

early modern literary, cultural, and intellectual history

classical texts and their reception

bibliography, manuscript studies, and textual criticism

Authored Publications/Reports

(2012) Body-Mind Aporia in the Seizure of Othello, Philosophy and Literature, 36.1, 183-186

(2018) Schneider’s Conjecture on Bellum Alexandrinum 13.5, Rheinisches Museum für Philologie, 161.2, 238-239

(2019) On the Fifth Stanza of the Carmen Saeculare, Latomus: Revue d’études latines, 78.1, 186-191

(2019) Sir Henry Wotton’s Copy of Portus’ Aphthonius, Hermogenes, & Dionysius Longinus, Notes & Queries, 66.3, 473-474

(2020) An English Translation of Longinus in the Lansdowne Collection at the British Library, The Seventeenth Century, 35.5, 625-650