Thomas Vozar

Discipline: English
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Early Modern Studies

Project Summary

My dissertation is concerned with Milton and the concept of the sublime. Though the notion of Milton as a sublime poet is so common as to be almost a cliché, scholarship has never fully explored Milton in relation to the sublime, no doubt because it has been perceived as a largely post-Miltonic concept first formulated in the context of eighteenth-century aesthetic theory. My research, building on recent scholarship on the sublime in classical antiquity and the Renaissance, will provide both a historical exposition of the sublime as a pre-aesthetic concept and an exegesis of the sublime in Milton's poetry.

Supervisory Team

Karen Edwards, Professor of English (Primary)

Matthew Wright, Professor of Greek (Secondary)

Wider Research Interests

Milton; Shakespearean tragedy; classical reception; classical translations; Renaissance humanism; rhetoric, poetics, and the history of literary criticism; early modern intellectual history; Latin poetry (Classical and Neo-); epic poetry