Tridibesh Dey



College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Sociology and Philosophy
Department: Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology

Tridibesh Dey is an anthropologist, working on (/with) plastics. Despite real concerns about their environmental impact, Tridibesh is thoroughly convinced by the material-social affordances of plastic polymers. As such, as engaged anthropologist, he studies human and animal associations with plastics mostly in India - grassroot innovation as collaborative (plastic-ated) living - that often escape grand narratives.

Trained originally in math and the science of complex systems, Tridibesh moved to anthropology, deeply convinced that engineering experiments needed to better imbibe reflexivity and care, incorporating the socio-political dimensions of everyday living - in close collaboration with its human and non-human stakeholders. He co-founded Alchemy, a student-led think-tank which collaborated with marginalised communities on meaningfully engaging local plastic wastes.

Funded by the University of Exeter's International Excellence Scholarship, Tridibesh is supervised by Profs. Mike Michael and Harry West.