Uzair Ibrahim

Department: Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for the Study of Islam; Exeter South Asia Centre

Project Summary

In my doctoral dissertation, in which I buld upon my MA, I aim to ask and hopefully, inshaʾAllah, answer the following questions: how and why did the narrative of Zaʿfar flourish in the Urdu marsīya tradition in the nineteenth century? What were its sources? Given that the narrative is still circulated, how do those who come into contact with the narrative make sense of it? What might the genealogy of the narrative of Zaʿfar vis-à-vis commemoration of Karbala in South Asia tell us about the epistemological orientation(s) behind the engagement of believers with the ghayb? And, finally, how can the ghayb be taken seriously in the academic study of Islam without anachronistically coursing to (somehow) secularising it?

Supervisory Team

I am supervised by Professors Sajjad Rizvi and William Gallois.

Authored Publications/Reports

Uzair Ibrahim (13th March 2022) Masculinity, sovereignty and the public sphere, Dawn,