Warren Speed

Department: Graduate School of Education
Discipline: Education

Project Summary

Research topic: How do teachers' of different schools' around England perceive the Department for Education's 'fundamental British values' agenda?

Since 2014 all school in England are required to actively promote ‘fundamental British values’ in line with the Counter-terrorism and Security Act and Ofsted inspections. Previous research suggests that the introduction of these “values” has led to uncertainty and uneasiness about how they might be actively perceived and promoted.

My research will take a bricolage approach and will:

  1. Critically examine the values education discourse in its relation to delivering character and moral education in schools in England.
  2. Apply Goodlad’s Curriculum framework and empirically explore how schools interpret and implement ‘fundamental British values’.
  3. Apply a critical lens to the current values education agenda to highlight the complexity in enacting values in school system and the implications with Ofsted Inspections.

You can find more information by visiting www.blogs.exeter.ac.uk/TLITP 

Supervisory Team

1st Supervisor - Professor Rob Freathy (Academic Dean for Students and Dean of the Faculty of Taught Programmes)

2nd Supervisor - Dr Deborah Osberg (Senior Lecturer in Critical Educational Studies)