Wendy Howard


Telephone: (01392) 269330 

College: College of Humanities
Discipline: Archaeology
Department: Archaeology

Wendy’s formal study of archaeology began as an ‘accidental’ GCSE at evening class, which was soon followed by the Essential Certificate in Archaeology with Exeter University’s Department of Lifelong Learning (2002). She gained her BA(Hons) in Archaeology in 2006 (studied part-time) and MA Archaeology in 2007, both at Exeter University.

Wendy's background is as a professional radiographer, with experience in human and veterinary X-radiography, medical ultrasound, and radionuclide imaging, and a fascination for bones, anatomy and pathology underpins her archaeological interests in osteoarchaeology and zooarchaeology. Her undergraduate dissertation involved the examination and interpretation of a medieval and post-medieval bone assemblage from Sutton Harbour, Plymouth, while her MA dissertation examined the prehistoric exploitation of birds within Western Europe. This involved comparing fracture patterns from radiographs of living birds with those produced artificially on dead carcases as a possible means of distinguishing cultural bone modification from 'naturally' induced bone changes. Her current PhD further develops her knowledge and experience of zooarchaeology to facilitate future specialisation and research in this area.

Practical archaeological fieldwork experience includes excavation at various sites in South West Britain including Bradford-on-Avon Roman villas, Bigbury-on-Sea, and Teigncombe Bronze Age roundhouse for the Dartmoor Archaeology and Bracken Project; as well as abroad in Sweden, Kazakhstan, North America and Argentina.

Hobbies include art, natural history, music, jigsaw puzzles, and horse-riding.