Yandi Wang



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: Modern Languages
Department: Department of Modern Languages and Cultures
Research Centre/Unit: Translation studies


Having worked as a magazine secretary in Beijing in my twenties, I was then promoted as an editorial secretary which included being published as part of the editorial board. Working with high profile editors, reporters and guest writers, I developed my interest in language and its social and political contexts.  

With a MSc in International Business Management and MA in Translation Studies, I worked as an in-house translator and interpreter in London.  I am now a PhD candidate at the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures.

My fine arts training during my childhood, youth, and later at the University of the Arts London, reflects my research interests. For example, my MA dissertation title was: Exploring critical issues in the translation of a specialised text within Western art theories and histories from the standpoint of semantic, syntactic and functional grammar.

Following a linguistic approach, my research interests extend to textual contexts within the social, historical and political fields. Applying a sociological approach to political ideology and regime, my interdisciplinary doctoral project merges textual and image analysis, to explore the phenomena behind the textual conflict and collision of the interpretation of contemporary Chinese artists and their art.

I have been participating in a variety of voluntary activities such as English teaching assistance for refugees in Portsmouth, and Children’s painting and calligraphy activities at the local library in Exeter.