Yasmin Amin



My doctoral research was triggered by the Danish Cartoon crisis, which kind of re-inforced the image born during the Satanic Verses episode and sets the stereotype that Muslims have no sense of humour. So in a nutshell, I am researching humour in Prophetic traditions to find out if the Prophet laughed and with whom about what. I must admit that it is great fun to actually be reseaching jokes and laughter.

A little about me, I am half-German, half-Egyptian, which might possibly explain why I am researching humour. The German's are said to be lacking it, while the Egyptians are said to have too much of it.

I graduated in 1985 with a BA in Business Administration with a minor in Computer Science.

After a long career in the business world and 2 sons later, I went back to school in 2007 and changed my field completely and received a Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Studies

In 2010 I received my MA in Islamic Studies also in Hadith studies. I wrote my thesis on the hadith narrations by Umm Salama.

Apart from my doctoral research I enjoy reading, movies and music.