Chao Wu

Department: Geography
Discipline: Geography
Research Centre/Unit: Landscape and ecosystem dynamics

Project Summary

Wildfire modelling and impacts on carbon cycle, climate and vegetation distribution induced by climate change

Supervisory Team

Prof. Stephen Sitch

Dr. Sergey Venevsky (Tsinghua University)

Dr. Lina Mercado

Wider Research Interests

Fires, atmosphere-land feedbacks, global carbon cycle, vegetation dynamics, and climate change

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Authored Publications/Reports

Gao, Y., L. Sun, C. Wu, Y. Chen, H. Xu, C. Chen, and G. Lin (15th August 2018) Inter-annual and seasonal variations of phytoplankton community and its relation to water pollution in Futian Mangrove of Shenzhen, China, Continental Shelf Research, 166, 138-147

Wu, C., S. Venevsky, S. Sitch, Y. Yang, M. Wang, L. Wang, and Y. Gao (8th August 2017) Present-day and future contribution of climate and fires to vegetation composition in the boreal forest of China, Ecosphere, 8/8, e01917-n/a

Chu, H., S. Venevsky, C. Wu, M. Wang (10th September 2018) NDVI-based vegetation dynamics and its response to climate changes at Amur-Heilongjiang River Basin from 1982 to 2015, Science of The Total Environment, 650, 2051-2062

Wu, C., M. Wang, C. Lu, S. Venevsky, V. Sorokina, V. Kulygin, S. Berdnikov (29th November 2018) Climate-induced fire regimes in the Russian biodiversity hotspots, Global Ecology and Conservation, 16, e00495

Venevsky, S., Y. Le Page, J. M. Pereira, and C. Wu (7th December 2018) Analysis fire patterns and drivers with a global SEVER-FIRE v1.0 model incorporated into dynamic global vegetation model and satellite and on-ground observations, Geoscientific Model Development, 1/12, 89-110