Ahmet Karakaya

Department: Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology
Discipline: Sociology and Philosophy
Research Centre/Unit: EGENIS - Centre for the Study of the Life Sciences

Project Summary

My project aims to present an empirically grounded account of the way diverse professional stakeholders in bioethics in secular Muslim Turkey and the UK consider universal moral norms in ethical decision-making processes and formulate bioethical problems in their respective settings. I will obtain original qualitative data for a cross-cultural comparison and analysis and then report on the moral reasoning, arguments and decision-making processes in different Muslim societies.

The primary aims of the project are to:

a) promote reflective bioethics scholarship in and on Turkey and the UK;

b) advance the discourse in philosophical bioethics on the problems associated with universalism, pluralism and particularism.

The project will seek to ascertain the underlying ethical principles that govern and inform local decision-making among Turkish and British Muslim practitioners and researchers. It will explore and analyse commonalities and tensions between Turkish and British bioethical discourses.

Supervisory Team

I am working under the supervision of Christine Hauskeller (Egenis, University of Exeter), Susan Kelly (Egenis, University of Exeter).