Dr. Alireza Z. Ekbatani

Department: Education (TESOL)

Project Summary

Programme and Field of Study:    

PhD in Education (TESOL) 

Purpose of the Study:    

With the aim of helping English-as-a-foreign-language (EFL) educationalists to make informed choices when integrating technology into corrective feedback provision, my PhD research project set out to explore EFL learners’ perception of the value of electronic corrective feedback and online learning log writing for the development of their English writing abilities and learning self-regulation skills. The study has implications for how EFL classroom writing teachers, course designers, and writing researchers can enhance their practices and decisions by providing ICT solutions to EFL writing and SRL development.    

Research Type:    

Conducted within the Interpretive Paradigm and is of Qualitative type 

Sampling Method:    

Convenience Sampling, on the basis of the number of available language learners in the IELTS Essay Writing Classes  

Research Design:    

An exploratory case study with the constant comparative data analysis procedure 

Research Methods:    

Face-to-Face Individual Semi-Structured Interviews; Electronic Unstructured Learning Logs; Electronic Structured Progress Logs; Open-Ended Questionnaires; Students’ Online Writing Drafts  

Supervisory Team

  • Principal Supervisor: Dr. Susan Riley