Amina Ghezal


28th August 2019:

Royale Geographical Conference - London 2019

29th August 2018:

RGS - Royal Geographical Society - Annual International Conference

The 2018 Annual International Conference took place at Cardiff University from Tuesday 28 August to Friday 31 August 2018. 

4th July 2018:

The NCRM Research Methods Festival at the University of Bath

The research festival covered a wide variety of research topics, methods (quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research), and keynote speakers who presented substantial research projects and insightful paradigms to conduct an impactful research. The participation of SAGE publshiong was also quite instrumental in terms exhibiting instrumental research books and materials. 

Graduate School Skills Workshops

6th September 2018:

ECR Career Network

The workshop aimed to discuss writing, publishing, and ECR career development in general. 

13th July 2018:

Doing Ethnography

The workshop aimed at exploring the underlying principles and practices of ethnographic research, which, broadly speaking, involves studying people 'at first hand', in detail, usually at length and in the context in which they live, work, play etc. By exploring and problematizing early anthropological approaches, we will trace critiques and developments that take ethnography ‘off the veranda’ and into somewhat more reflexive and sensitive terrain. The workshop covered :
Key ethnographic concepts and approaches
Important ethnographic studies
Critiques, strengths and weaknesses.

26th June 2018:

Sprint Women’s Development Programme for Female PGRs

Sprint is the ground-breaking personal development programme designed for female students of all ages. The Programme consists of 3½ days of intensive practical workshop sessions covering a range of key topics which can help you manage your study, work and personal development.

9th May 2018:

NCRM Workshop: Interpretive Political Science

A three-day training workshop designed by NCRM and delivered at the university of Southampton. The workshop aimed at defining Interpretive Political Science, interpretive theory, presenting useful methodologies such as ethnographic research, mixed methods and tools such as interviews. Other topics such as publication, dissemination and writing skills were also introduced. 

20th February 2018:

LTHE Stage 1 - Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Programme

 This one-day course was designed to develop understanding and skills for learning and teaching in Higher Education. 

13th February 2018:

Networking Essentials

This session aimed to help the students learn how to build new relationships to expand network of professional contacts.

29th November 2017:

Managing People

This session offered an introduction to managing people  including some of the basic principles of performance management and a framework to help the student get the best out of people.

23rd October 2017:

Efficient Reading and Preparing for Literature Review

This session explored the scope and characteristics of a good literature review. It also provided guidance on effective reading and information management. 


LTHE Stage 2 - Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Programme

The second stage of the LTHE Programme enabled us to look in more depth at learning, teaching, student support, assessment and evaluation. It comprised four three-hour afternoon sessions, in consecutive weeks.

Summer School

13th July 2019:

Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis

10th June 2019:

Designing Research with Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) POCM101

3rd June 2019:

Comparative Case Study Design POCM102

NCRM Methods courses

9th May 2019:

Observational and Ethnographic methods Course