Amira El-Soussi

Personal details






University of Exeter, Exeter, UK

EdD, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages


Lebanese International University, Lebanon

M.Ed., Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages



American University of Beirut, Lebanon

PGD., Teaching Diploma, Teaching English as a Foreign Language



American University of Beirut, Lebanon

BA, English Language



Professional/research experience

January 2021:

American University of Sharjah

Academic Writing I (101) & Academic Writing II (WRI 102)

• Introduce critical writing and information literacy skills.

• Help students compose analytic essays utilizing a range of rhetorical modes such as description, compare/contrast, cause and effect, causal, and rhetorical and process analysis.

• Devise strategies to teach constructing logical, ethical, and persuasive arguments supported with a variety of rhetorical strategies

• Guide students on evaluating texts and composing essays using the principles of critique

• Develop and hone students’ academic research and library skills, using APA citation, and composing a research essay

• Advise students on ways to assess advanced principles of audience, purpose, and context for each writing, reading, and rhetorical task

• Mentor students to produce an advanced academic style (clear, persuasive, and highly varied sentences) through reflective writing

Basic Academic Writing (WRI001)

• Guide students on composing well developed and organized paragraphs and essays

• Help students identify various rhetorical strategies and incorporate them effectively into written assignments

• Hone students’ ability to analyze audience, purpose, context and write in an appropriate and effective tone of voice

• Design activities to help students identify and evaluate main ideas and supporting details in texts

• Provide contextualized grammar instructions