Ana Rosso


8th February 2012:

English Department Research Seminar

Title of Paper: "The Female Sexual Subject and Marriage in Mid- to Late- Nineteenth Century British and French Fiction."

11th January 2011:

Centre for Victorian Studies Workshop, University of Exeter

Presentation and attendance at this one-day postgraduate workshop.

Title of paper presented:  "Woman or Courtesan? Female Sexuality in Emile Zola's Nana".

13th May 2010:

Inaugural SALL Postgraduate Research Conference 2010 (University of Exeter)

Presentation and Attendance at this two-day long Interdisciplinary conference at the University of Exeter.

Presentation Title: " Women as (Reasoning?) Animals: A Comparative Study of Emile Zola's Une Page d'Amour and Menie Muriel Dowie's Gallia".

18th September 2009:

Darwin, Medicine and the Humanities (University of Exeter)

Attended this international interdisciplinary symposium, which brought together Darwin scholars across disciplines to present fresh research and to debate the historical and contemporary significance of Darwin in medicine and the humanities.

27th July 2009:

Sexual Knowledge - Uses of the Past (University of Exeter)

Attended this three-day long interdisciplinary conference, which examined the way discussions about sex and human nature over the centuries have both been informed by and helped to shape ideas about past cultures and the interpretation of their material and textual legacies.