Anas Buera

Department: Politics
Research Centre/Unit: Good Governance & Public Policy

Project Summary

My Ph.D. dissertation revolves around travelling the new literature of discursive institutionalism and policy narratives out of the territory of advanced democracies (mainly OECD countries) to the context of emerging democracies based on lessons gained from the authoritarian rule epoch (Investigating the case of economic governance narratives in Libya as an authoritarian regime during the period : 2003-2010).   

Supervisory Team

Professor Claudio Radaelli

​Dr Claire Dunlop 


Wider Research Interests

  • New trends of policy–oriented discourse of governance leaders and public policy change (developing coordinative and communicative discourse of future policy leaders in Libya and Arab states).
  • The political economy of Libya in/after the authoritarian epoch, with special focus on the Libyan,Italian and EU partnership and political relations. 
  • Good governance and policy change in emerging democracies with special reference to methods of developing the institutional capacities in Libya ( mainly regulatory governance and policy reform).