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Anas Abubakr Buera  انس ابوبكر بعيرة 

B.A. in Political Sciences, University of Benghazi, Libya, 1995 (GPA 3.36 out of 4.0), and ranked the 1st during the fall semester 1995-1996.


Master's degree in Public Policy, University of Benghazi, Libya, 2005 (with distinction), (GPA 3.5 out of 4.0).


Ten Years' experience in the fields of research, teaching assistance, and exam administration at the University of Benghazi,Libya.


Teaching Assistant, Department of Political Science, University of Benghazi, from 6/9/2003 until 11/21/2005.


Faculty member,Department of Political Science, University of Benghazi, from 22/11/2005 until present.


Ph.D. in Politics-/ University of  Exeter-UK 2015



Professional/research experience

December 30 2012 - December 17 2014:

Publications : Chapter in Book 2015

Libya's Arab Spring - Revolution against a 42-Year Dictatorship : Prospects  of  Governance  and  Democracy, in : Routledge Handbook of The Arab Spring : Rethinking Democratisation,Taylor & Frances Group,New York, NY, 2015, pp.105-118 

May 8 2006 - November 3 2015:

Research and Papers


Libya and EU Relations: Past Failure and Future Prospects with ENP, Lessons of Communicative Policy Narratives, International Conference on the New Challenges for the EU in the Arab Mediterranean and the Revision of The European Neighbourhood Policy ENP, November 2015. 

Coordinative Narratives of The Libyan Leaders: Lessons from The Authoritarian Epoch 2003-2010, Policy & Politics conference 2014: The challenges of leadership and collaboration in the 21st Century, University of Bristol, UK,September 2014.

Evaluating Labour Market Policies and Regulations for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Libya, presented to the Workshop on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises; Ministry of the National Economy, and Centre for Research and Consultations,2006

National Response System to Natural Disasters in Libya, symposium on World Health Day: 2007, supervised by EMRO-WHO, April 2008.

Evaluating Health Policies in Libya, the First National Conference on Public Policies in Libya; Centre for Research and Consultations. University of Benghazi: June 2007; co-authored.

Reviewing Health Policies in a Developing Country: the Case of Libya, the Second National Conference of Libyan Medical Doctors Working Abroad; Arab Medical University, Benghazi,Libya: 2007.

The General Environment of Administrative Development in Libya, the First national Conference on Administrative Development in Libya; the National Institute of Administration,Tripoli, Libya: 2007.

 Managing Relief Policies in Libya: the Establishment of a National Disaster Response System, the First Roundtable on a National Emergency Plan in Libya; the Libyan International Medical University: June 2007.

World Climate Change and Environmental Policies in Libya: Protecting Citizens Health Against Climatic Changes, a world health day workshop held by the Libyan International Medical University: 2008.

 Policies to Reduce Road Accidents in Libya: A Macro look at a Silent Killer, the National Conference on Road Accidents in Libya: May 2008.

Management as a Prerequisite to Sustainable Development,presented to the Conference on Sustainable Development,University of Benghazi, published at the UN website of public administration (UNPAN), 2008, co-authored.


CV: Membership of Professional Bodies/Professional Qualifications


Director, Information and Documentation Bureau, the Libyan Agency for Relief and Human Assistance (LIBAID), from 1/8/2007 until 31/8/2008.

Organizer, World Health-day Activities 2008, sponsored by WHO-EMRO2008 to commemorate WHO's 60th Anniversary(World Health Organization). 

Member, Libya's National Team preparing the general framework.for a national emergency and disaster plan: 2007. The plan was formally submitted to the Libyan government(GPC) in early 2008.

 Initiator and Rapporteur, the First National Conference on Public Policies in Libya; Research and Consultations Centre, University of Benghazi, September 2006. 

Chairman, Information Committee, the First National Conference on Road Accidents in Libya: May 2008.

 Member, the Libyan Delegation to the Regional Conference on National Disasters, under the auspices of  WHO, UNEP, League of Arab States, ITU: Alexandria, Egypt: 14 – 17 April 2007.