Dr. André Nakhavali

Department: Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences
Discipline: Mathematics
Research Centre/Unit: Earth System Modelling

Project Summary

 Representation of lateral transfer of Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) from land to the river system in JULES

Specific objectives: The current version of JULES, the land surface model of the Met Office Hadley Centre Earth system model does not account for export of carbon from terrestrial ecosystems to the aquatic environments. Runoff is represented in the model as river routing to the ocean, without including transfer of carbon. The aim of the project is to include a representation of DOC production in terrestrial soils, due to incomplete decomposition of organic matter, and its export to the river network by leaching. The model will be evaluated using river discharge DOC data for large rivers across the world, with a focus on a specific region (Arctic or Tropics). Simulations will be performed with the major historical forcing (climate, atmospheric CO2, nitrogen deposition, and land-use changes) in order to estimate the changes of DOC export and their attribution to anthropogenic activities.

Expected Results: Quantification of DOC and POC fluxes from land surface to the ocean in JULES and attribution of changes in these fluxes to anthropogenic activities.


Supervisory Team

Primary Supervisor: Prof. P. Friedlingstein (UNEXE); Secondary Supervisors: Dr. B. Guenet and Prof. P. Ciais(CNRS-IPSL)


Wider Research Interests