Andrew T Young BA (Hons) MA MIPG FSA Scot



Papers, symposia, seminars:

Cambridge University Lithics Conference October 2004

Prehistoric mobiliary art on bone: an experimental approach for assessing burin technology, function and use


Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) Conference University of Exeter December 2006:

1)  Sacred theory: Scottish carved stone balls

2)  Axe and dagger carvings at Stonehenge: an act of   conspicuous  consumption on a monumental scale

University of Exeter Research Seminar March 2008

The ground stone tools of Britain and Ireland: an experimental approach


European Association of Archaeologists Annual Conference 2008 (Valetta,  Malta)

Ground stone tools: qualitative and quantitive methods in experimental technical analyses


University of Exeter Postrgraduate Seminar February 2010

Research questions and answers: ground stone tools, analytical methods and experimental archaeology

Food and Drink in Archaeology Conference Exeter April 2010

Nouveau Neolithic: perceptions and realities, the technologies of gastronomy explored through experimental archaeology


Winter Meeting of the Implement Petrology Group (IPG) York 2011

Reverse engineering and ground stone tool technology


Post Graduation Research Seminar University of Exeter March 2012

The ground stone tools of Britain and Ireland: conventional and experimental approches to the technology of Later Prehistory


Humanities PGR Conference Exeter April 2012

Lithic production systems: creating identities and relationships through transformation at the time of Stonehenge


Bow Historical Society Lecture April 2013

Carved Stone Balls: Technologies and Social Complexity in Later Prehistory

Articles (in prep)


Journal of the Lithics Studies Society (2013)

The geometry of Scottish carved stone balls: implications for their typology

Journal of the prehistoric Society (2013)

The morphology of barbed-and-tanged arrowheads revisited: experimental perspectives


PHILIA (2013)

Transformation, Symbols and Social Complexity at the Time of Stonehenge.

Published articles


British Archaeology Magazine (Mar/April 2008):

Scottish Carved Stone Balls: Past and Present Perspectives


Newsletter of the Ellon and District Historical Society (Oct 2008)

Scottish Carved Stone Balls: Past and present Perspectives


Museum Report (May 2010)

Macro analysis of ground stone implements held by Newport Museum and Art Gallery, Wales


Newsletter of the MENSA Mountaineering Special Interest Group (Jan 2011)

Walking in Langdale: prehistory under your feet

British Archaeology Magazine (March/April 2011)

Moving megalithic stones at the time of Stonehenge

Articles about my carved stone balls theory

December 2010:

Der Speigel (Nr 48 November 2010)
Kugellager fur den Hinkelsteintransport

The Times (19th November 2010)

The Guardian (19th November 2010)

The Independant (19th November 2010)

The Daily Express (19th December 2010)

The Daily Mail (19th December 2010)

The Sunday Times (21st November 2010)

The Independent on Sunday (21st November 2010)

Science Daily (30th November November 2010)

National Geographic News (December 2010)
Stonehenge Built with Balls?

American Association for the Advancement of Science (7th December 2010)

Books (In Prep)


The Cumbrian axe-makers (2013)
A book about Cumbrian Neolithic axes written by a Cumbrian from a very Cumbrian perspective.

The later Prehistory of the Lake District
A Cumbrian perspective on the Neolithic and Bronze Age of the Lake District, with a focus on stone tools (production, distribution and raw materials), megalithic monuments and rock carvings.

Nouveau Neolithic: prehistoric gastronomy (2013)
Recipes from Later prehistory presented in a post-modern Nouveau-fusion style based on archaeological evidence from Britain and Ireland. Building upon the paper of the same name presented at the Food and Drink Conference at the University of Exeter in 2010.

Proving that prehistoric food does not need to consist of grey-looking stews or have been roast in a pit(!) - it can look and taste wonderful.

The Neolithic and Bronze Age ground stone tools of Britain and Ireland (2013)
Examines ground stone tools from experimental and theoretical perspectives.

Raw materials, procurement, manufacturing techniques, lithic production systems, the Neolithic techno-complex, tool utility, technical and social performance characteristics are all given special consideration.

Later chapters deal with social complexity and the possible meaning and use of ground stone tools.


November 2011:

Secrets of Stonehenge

NOVA produced television deocumentary about recent research about Stonehenge. Showcased research into carved stone balls and Stonehenge track theory.

First shown on PBS (national) television in the United States November 2011 prior to international general release on satellite television.

Broadcast multiple times, most recently on digital 'Yesterday' channel Wednesday 9th May 2012.