Ancuta Asandei - BSc (Hons), MSc

Department: Life and Environmental Sciences
Research Centre/Unit: SCRI - Environment Plant Interactions

Project Summary

Global warming: Carbon and nitrogen cycle interactions and impacts on soil carbon stock

The main focus of my research is how soil carbon storage will respond to 21st century climate change and the potential feedbacks to global warming.

I am interested in all the below ground processes, but especially on how plant-soil interactions control overall responses to global change.  I am particularly interested in the interactions between carbon and nutrient cycles, and the key role mycorrhizal fungi play in this context.

Supervisory Team

University of Exeter: Dr. Iain P. Hartley, Professor Timothy Quine

SCRI: Professor David Hopkins, Dr. Tim Daniell

North Wyke Research Centre: Dr. Jenni Dungait, Dr. Robert Dunn