Anna Jackman

Department: Human Geography
Discipline: Geography

Supervisory Team

Dr Sean Carter

Dr Pepe Romanillos

Authored Publications/Reports

Jackman, A.H. (10th February 2016) When eagles scare: there are other ways to stop a rogue drone, The Conversation ,

Jackman, A. H. (20th February 2015) Blog Post: Politics of wearable, intimate, health technologies,

Jackman, A. H. (5th August 2014) Book Review: The Ashgate Research Companion to Critical Geopolitics, Space and Polity, 18 (3), 301-306,

Jackman, A.H. (14th April 2016) Britain’s part in the ‘drone war’ in Yemen urgently needs explaining, The Conversation,

Jackman, A. H. (6th June 2015) Article: 3-D cinema: immersive media technology, GeoJournal , Special Issue Media Geography, Volume 80, Issue 6,

Jackman, A. H. (10th March 2015) Delegate Review: Unmanned Aerial Systems Training and Simulation Conference 2014, Defence iQ,

Blackmore, P., Bulaitis, Z.H., Jackman, A.H., Tan, E. (2016) Employability in higher education: A review of practice and strategies around the world, Pearson, London,

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Jackman, A.H. (15th January 2016) Article: Rhetorics of possibility and inevitability in commercial drone tradescapes, Geographica Helvetica, 71, 1-6,

Jackman, A.H. () (accepted) On the deployment and development of UAVs by the British Armed Forces. In: Drones: International Development and Deployment of UAVs [*Book scheduled for release in early 2017] ,

Jackman, A.H. (13th March 2017) Book review: Predator Empire: Drone Warfare and Full Spectrum Dominance, Antipode,, 1-8