Anna Seecharan

Anna Seecharan



College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Sociology and Philosophy
Department: Anthropology (SPA)
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Rural Policy Research

I am a food anthropologist currently on the ESRC 1+3 PhD scholarship (2020-2024) based in the department of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology. 

My research focusses on the sensorial ways - smell/taste in particular - that we experience the materialities of food, and how these (and other) forms of embodied food knowledge contribute to selfhood and community.

I previously completed the MA Anthropology of Food programme at SOAS, University of London, where I was awarded the Best Postgraduate Student Prize 2017-18. My research on anosmia (the loss/ lack of sense of smell) and its impact on food, identity and belonging won the SOAS Department of Anthropology Best Dissertation Prize 2017-18.

I have worked for over a decade at SOAS, UEA and the University of Cambridge, occasionally taking time out to pursue foodie projects, like training as a baker and pastry chef at the Cordon Bleu institute in Mexico City.