Annie O-Breachain

Project Summary

I am currently working on the child/teacher relationship in primary schools under the guidance of Dr Nadine Schaefer and Dr Kerry Chappell.

Authored Publications/Reports

Ó Breacháin, A (July 2011) Soaring and Swooping: Drama on the Primary School Curriculum in Ireland, Drama:nordisk dramapedagogisk tidsskrift, 3/2011,

O Breachain O Toole (2014) Literacy and Numeracy: aRe we on the Right tRack?, Intouch, 141,

Ó Breacháin O Toole (2013) Pedagogy or politics?: cyclical trends in literacy and numeracy in Ireland and beyond. , Irish Educational Studies, 32, 401- 419

Ó Breacháín, Annie (October 2014) The Enchanted Deer: A story from the Finn Cycle in Irish Mythology, Intouch, 147