Ashleigh Haruda

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University of Exeter

PhD Archaeology

'Central Asian Economies and Ecologies in the Late Bronze Age: Geometric Morphometrics of the Ovicaprid Astragalus and Zooarchaeological Investigations of Pastoralism'


Institute of Archaeology, University College London

M.Sc., Palaeoecology of Human Societies (specialization in Zooarchaeology) Dissertation: 'Nomadism or not? An examination of the use of animals in the Talgar Alluvial Fan, Kazakhstan, through the Iron Age, 800 BC – AD 200'


Mount Holyoke College

B.A. (magna cum laude), History, Archaeology Honors Dissertation: 'Maintaining Racial Identities Through Everyday Objects: Colonial Britons in India, 1858-1914'


Professional/research experience

May 1 2012 - June 13 2012:

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Zooarchaeological analysis of the Bronze Age site of Turgen II.

April 1 2012 - June 13 2012:

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Zooarchaeological analysis of the archaeological site of Serektas II, a Bronze Age site located in the Semirechye region of Kazakhstan.

January 15 2012 - February 26 2012:

Karaganda, Kazakhstan

Analysis of zooarchaeological remains from the 2011 season of the Middle Bronze Age site of Lissakovsk.

September 12 2011 - December 2 2011:

Karaganda, Kazakhstan

Zooarchaeological analysis of animal bones from the Late Bronze Age city of Kent.

August 13 2011 - September 5 2011:

Kokshetau, Kazakhstan

Zooarchaeological analysis of animal bones from the Eneolithic archaeological site of Botai.

July 7 2010 - July 30 2010:

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Analysis of a collection of animal bones from the late Iron Age archaeological site of Tuzusai in the Semirechye region of southern Kazakhstan.

April 20 2010 - May 5 2010:

Maui, Hawaii

Volunteer archaeologist on medieval village site on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Assisted in site conservation and survey.

July 10 2008 - September 1 2008:

Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

Archaeologist at the Zaballa project, a commercial excavation of a medieval monastery near Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain.

October 15 2007 - April 15 2008:

Salinas, California

Archaeologist and Zooarchaeologist for Archaeological Consulting, Inc in Salinas, California.

June 6 2007 - July 26 2007:

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Analysis of the zooarchaeological remains from the Iron Age site of Taldy-Bulak 2 near Almaty, Kazkahstan.


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European Association of Archaeologists


ICAZ- International Council for Archaeozoology


SAA- Society for American Archaeology


Association for Environmental Archaeology