Bethan le Masurier



College: College of Humanities

I am a PhD student in the Humanities and Social Sciences department in Penryn, Cornwall.

My research focuses on finding more equitable and functional approaches to heritage management in the Anthropocene. My work uses anti-oppressive theory as foundational building blocks to create alternative heritage perspectives on time, change and nature. My approach is transdisciplinary, drawing on a wide range of fields, including ecofeminism, land rights, anti-capitalism, and well-being theory.

I completed my BA (Hons) in Ancient History and Archaeology at Exeter in 2018, and completed my MA in International Heritage Management and Consultancy, also at Exeter, in 2022. 

I speak Spanish and small amounts of Cornish, Dutch, Portuguese, French and BSL. I am a musician, releasing and live streaming folk-adjacent songs under the name Bethan Le Mas.