Billie Jeanne Brownlee


Telephone: 07528193693 

Billie Jeanne Brownlee is a Doctoral Researcher in Middle East Politics at the University of Exeter. Her research tracks the roots of the Syrian uprising by looking at the development of new media literacy and civil society, two factors that have this far been underestimated by scholars and experts of the region. Educated in Italy at the University Ca' Foscari, she speaks Arabic, Spanish, French, Italian and English and has researched the development of new media in other MENA countries and Latin America. Her broader interests encompass history "from below", social movements and human rights.

She has been a research fellow at the American University in Beirut and a Graduate Teaching Assistant in History of the Middle East at Exeter University.

She has two upcoming chapters for two books: "De-oreintalising the Arab revolutions" (2014) and "Arab women and media in changing landscapes: realities and changes" (2014).