Cassia Johnson


Telephone: 6478335969 

College: College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences
Discipline: Engineering
Department: Camborne School of Mines
Research Centre/Unit: Mining, Environment and Society

I’m a geologist who is retraining as a social scientist, studying the intersections of mining and society. I am based out of British Columbia, Canada, and Cornwall, England. I am curious about the role mineral resources play in human development, the nuance of the mining industry, humanity in the many types of mining industry, the connection between geology and society and social and environmental sustainability.  My specialties lie within sustainable development, artisanal and small-scale mining, small-scale mining, Quaternary geology, and exploration geology. My experience ranges from mineral exploration to community social relations, to specialized Quaternary Geology for mining and geohazards. When I’m not practicing geology or doing social science research within the mining industry, you will find me on my yoga mat, running on a trail, trying my best at chess, lost in my journals and books, or exploring our beautiful planet.