Catherine Owen

Department: Department of Politics
Discipline: Politics
Research Centre/Unit: 'Obshchestvennyi Kontrol'' (Public Scrutiny) from Discourse to Action in Contemporary Russia: The Emergence of Authoritarian Neoliberal Governance

Project Summary

I passed my viva in October 2014 subject to minor corrections. My external examiner was Richard Sakwa; the internal was Nicole Bolleyer.

My PhD research examined discourses of civic engagement in governance during the Putin era.  It showed how the concept of 'public scrutiny' [obshchestvennyi kontrol'] has been operationalised by the Kremlin to codify mechanisms of civic engagement and co-opt autonomous, grass-roots activism into state-led governance initiatives. Using Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) as a loose guide, the thesis considered anterior discourses which led to the emergence of Putinist discourses, the challenges to this discourse from below, and rearticulation of the federal-level discourse by regional authorities in three case studies of Moscow, St Petersburg and Samara. It argued that the limited opportunities for civic engagement in governance can be seen as examples of 'authoritarian neoliberal governance', which combines policies of outsourcing, decentralisation and privatisation with mechanisms which aim to retain a high level of state control.

Supervisory Team

First supervisor: Dr. John Heathershaw

Second supervisor: Dr. Andrew Schaap

Wider Research Interests

 My primary research interests are contemporary Russian politics, the politics and society of post-communist countries, civic participation in governance, reform of the public sector in postcommunist countries, authoritarianism, neoliberalism, postmodernity, and civil society.

I am a Research Associate at the thinktank, Foreign Policy Centre,, and a regular contributor to the international affairs blog, ThinkIR:

From September 2013 I have been working as Research Administrator/Research Fellow on John Heathershaw's ESRC-funded project, 'Rising Powers and Conflict Management in Central Asia.'

Finally, I have an ongoing interest in radical, specifically anarchist, political theory. I am interested in creating spaces in which students and non-students can learn from each other. To that end I, as part of a team, was awarded £2000 from the AHRC in 2010 - 2011 to undertake a public engagement initiative, 'Engaging with Radical Ideas', in which PhD students from South West universities and residents of the city of Exeter discussed anarchist, green, queer, and post-structuralist theory both on local radio and at an NGO in Exeter town centre.

Authored Publications/Reports

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