Catherine Owen

29th September 2014 to 15th December 2014

Rising Powers, Peace and Confllict

This second-year module examines the so-called Rising Powers and assesses their present and future role in a contested global order. It discusses, in particular, the attitudes of Russia, China, Brazil and India to international security and conflict, and analyses how their foreign policies are evolving in this important area. It also addresses thematic areas, such as peacekeeping, humanitarian intervention or international development, and discusses the main areas of dispute among established and emerging powers in each area. 

1st October 2013 to 15th December 2013

One-to-One Student Essay Mentoring

After delivering an initial lecture on essay-writing skills aimed at all first and second years, I mentored students concerned about their essay grades in one-to-one sessions. During these sessions, I read through the essays students had brought with them, clarified the markers' comments, and gave advice on how to improve structure, argumentation, use of sources, etc.

30th September 2013 to 18th December 2013

State and Society

This module introduced first year students to key debates in the field of political sociology; familiarised them with the core concepts and theories used within the field; discussed some of the analytical tools necessary to evaluate them; show students how these concepts and theories relate to empirical cases around the world.

1st February 2013 to 18th June 2013

Grand Challenges: Growing Old, Burden or Blessing?

I was a facilitator for Grand Challenges, Exeter's flagship, research-led learning experience for undergraduates in the summer term. I organised activities, arranged speakers, liaised with other departments and research centres in the University in order to create a fun, interactive and stimulating two-week programme of events for students relating to the topic of 'Growing Old: Burden or Blessing?' During the two weeks of the porject itself I supported the students as they learned how to put together an execute a simple research project.

2nd February 2012 to 18th April 2012

Globalization of World Politics II: Facing the Challenges of World Politics in the 21st Century

10th January 2011 to 17th May 2011

Globalization of World Politics II: 'Facing the Challenges of World Politics in the 21st Century'

This module introduced first year students to an important sub-field within the discipline of Politics, that is, International Relations. It exposed students to a range of pressing issues in world politics and provided them with the conceptual and analytical tools to critically assess their origins, nature and potential impact.