Chang Jung

Chang Sung Jung


Telephone: 07960 614277 

As a senior civil servant in South Korea, I have had lots of experiences with government organisation, management and finance since 2001. My PhD subject is quangocratisation and agencification which lead a structural change in government.  After finishing this PhD course, I have to return to Korean government and possibly be supposed to in charge of financial, organisational and personnel units.  

Principal Senior Deputy Director, Organization Planning Division, Ministry Public Administration and Security, South Korean Government

Deputy Director, Personnel Innovation Division

Deputy Director, Minister’s Secretariat

Deputy Director, Local Tax Division

Deputy Director, Planning and Budgeting Division

Deputy Director, Local Government Officials Development Institute

Deputy Director, Local Finance Division

Passed the 45th Senior Entrance Exam for Administration Service (similar to Faststream in the U.K.)

Feb. 1994 ~ Apr. 1996 Military Service (Office secretary to the lieutenant-general)

Apr. 1994 Chairman of the ‘Mock Cabinet Meeting’ (at Yonsei University)

Mar. 1993 ~ Feb. 1994 Chief of the Literature Club (‘Honnete Homme’ at Yonsei University)

Facebook account: Changsung Jung