Umas CL Jin

Department: English
Discipline: English

Project Summary

My PhD research project primarily focuses on the contextualisation of Virginia Woolf and the holism movement in neuroscience. Specifically, the research explores how Woolf's literary representation of "wholeness" in human body and life intellectually resonates with the philosophical ramification of holistic neuropsychologists, such as Hughlings Jackson, Henry Head, Kurt Goldstein, Alexander Luria and Oliver Sacks. 

Supervisory Team

Prof. Laura Salisbury (University of Exeter)

Dr. John Bolin (University of Exeter)

Wider Research Interests

Virginia Woolf, Modernist Literature, Medical Humanities, Bloomsbury Group, History of Neuroscience, Philosophy of Science, Psychoanalysis, Holism in Neuroscience, Literature and Neuroscience, Narrative Medicine, Oliver Sacks