Charlotte Kelsted


July 2021:

Annual Conference of the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies: Knowledge, Power and Middle Eastern Studies

British Women and the Agency of Children in Mandate Palestine

October 2020:

Ex Historia: Decolonisation Roundtable

June 2020:

Centre for Imperial and Global History Research Seminar

The Broader Utility of the Concept of ‘Multiple Intimate Colonialism(s)’

October 2019:

Archiving Gender Symposium, Cardiff University

Accessing Women’s Voices in Colonial Spaces

October 2019:

Twelfth Annual Meeting of the Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa, Washington D.C.

Hierarchies of Maternity and Modernity in Early-Mid Twentieth Century Palestine

June 2019:

Annual Conference of the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies: Joining the Dots/Interdisciplinarity in Middle East Studies

Panel on ‘Reading Colonial Encounters in Palestine: Toward a Decolonial Future’

March 2019:

Comparative Methodologies: An International Seminar on Microhistory, Global History, and the Social Sciences, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata

A Microhistory Approach to British Women in Mandate Palestine 

December 2018:

Ex Historia: Continuity and Ruptions: Reading into the Modern History of Palestine

June 2018:

Palestinian Historians/Historians of Palestine Conference

Chaired panel 'Writing under the Mandate and Beyond'

April 2018:

2018 PGR HUMS Exeter: Crossing Boundaries

Conflicting Notions of Difference among the British Community in Mandate Palestine

February 2018:

European Centre for Palestine Studies Research Seminar

Panel on late Ottoman and British Mandate Palestine

Roles and responsibilities


PGR Seminar Convenor, European Centre for Palestine Studies


Assistant Editor, Ex Historia

June 2018:

Conference Organiser, Britain and the World Conference


SWWDTP (AHRC) Student Representative, 2017-2018 Cohort


Conference Organiser, 2018 PGR HUMS Exeter: Crossing Boundaries


October 2019:

BRISMES Student Bursary

March 2019:

College of Humanities Bursary

April 2018:

Palestine Exploration Fund Travel Grant

April 2018:

Melody Dugan Research Grant


SWWDTP (AHRC) PhD Studentship

Outreach Activities

March 2021:

IWD 2021

This session for International Women's Day 2021 encouraged 13-18 year olds to #challenge the narrative. It was entitled "Challenging the Narrative: Researching British, Jewish and Palestinian Women’s Activities in Mandate Palestine (1920-1948)"



Kelsted, Charlotte, "A preliminary research trip: British women in Mandate Palestine (PEF report)." Palestine Exploration Quarterly, 150(4), pp. 320–321


"A Day in Jerusalem" PEF Blog


100 Years After the Balfour Declaration – Revisiting Sir Herbert Samuel’s Legacy, CIGH Blog