Charlotte Spence

Personal details




University of Exeter

PhD Classics and Ancient History 


University of Exeter

MA by Research Classics and Ancient History -upgraded to PhD project


University of Birmingham

BA Ancient History

My undergraduate disseration ws entiteld: Greek Personal Religion: How and Why did Individuals Seek to Construct Relationships with the Gods? 


CV: Membership of Professional Bodies/Professional Qualifications


British School at Athens


ASPIRE/HEA Associate Fellow

I undertook the LTHE assessment at the University of Exeter to become an ASPIE/ HEA Associate Fellow.

Some of the feedback on my assessment was: 

You provide a particularly strong articulation of your engagement with literature to support your professional development, and the impact of this wider reading is made pleasingly clear throughout your application. You are clearly a student-centred educator making conscientious choices to support your students’ learning, and this is reflected in your (entirely appropriate) inclusion of all four Professional Values of the UKPSF. In terms of your future development, you are well-placed to make a claim for Fellowship when you’ve had sufficient time to accrue the breadth of experience aligned with FHEA, and we encourage you to continue the reading and developmental activities that have supported you thus far in your education practice.


Classical Association

I was also selected to recieve a CA bursary to attend the 2020 conference at Swansea (unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19)