Cheryl Willis

Graduate School Skills Workshops

April 2012:

NVivo Forum: sharing practice with other researchers

June 2011:

Advanced SPSS

March 2011:

Learning & Teaching in Higher Education - Stage 2

November 2010:

Presenting an Academic Conference Paper

September 2010:

Learning & Teaching in Higher Education - Stage 1

March 2010:

Introduction to EndNote

February 2010:

Efficient Reading in Research

February 2010:

Tackling a PhD Literature Review

October 2009:

SmartStart: A PhD Introduction


19th November 2012:

Centre for Rural Policy Research - Food, Farming & Environment. University of Exeter

Presented PhD research 'Problems and Prospects for Capturing the Intangible Values of Coastal Tourist Landscapes'

6th September 2012:

Current Issues and (Im)possible Solutions, University of Surrey

RGS-IBG Geography of Leisure and Tourism Research Group Conference - presented research

3rd July 2012:

RGS-IBG Annual Conference, University of Edinburgh

Presented research in session: 'The role of natural environments in health & well-being'

April 2012:

RGS-IBG Postgraduate Forum Mid-Term Conference, University of Nottingham

Attended HEA workshop: 'Engaging Students for Learning through Feedback'

24th February 2012:

2012 AAG Annual Conference, New York

Presented research in 'Geographies of Well-being: The Benefits of Nature, Green Space and Resources' session

18th July 2011:

Well-Being 2011 Conference

First International Conference Exploring the Multi-dimensions of Well-Being.  Birmingham City University.

Presented outline of research including some early data.  

April 2011:

RGS-IBG Postgraduate Forum Mid-Term Conference, Durham University

Presented research paper

13th January 2011:

Spaces of Renewal. Defining the Sacred in the leisure-tourism-heritage-pilgrimage nexus

Conference at the University of the West of England, Bristol. 

Presented paper: 'Using Subjective Wellbeing to Recognise the Wider Values of Tourism' which outlined the connections people develop with the natural environment which are often highly personal and sometimes considered sacred.

19th November 2010:

University of Exeter, Centre for Sport, Leisure and Tourism Research

Presented paper outlining research

11th May 2010:

University of Exeter Postgraduate Symposium

School of Geography - presented paper outlining current research

March 2010:

RGS-IBG Postgraduate Forum Mid-Term Conference, Aberystwyth University

Early Research Career Workshop

March 2010:

Aberdeen University

Interdisciplinarity in Environment and Well-being Research, BeWEL (Research network - Behaviour for Well-being, Environment and Life)

Professional Meetings

November 2012:

VALMER, Interreg Workshop. Brest, France

Workshop title: 'Towards an ecosystem service assessment framework for applied use in marine management'. Presented PhD research and outline of impending UK NEA follow-up work assessing cultural ecosystem services. 

Researcher Development

March 2012:

Teaching Quantitative Methods

Attended 2 day workshop sponsored by ESRC and Cardiff University: Teaching Undergraduate Introductory level QM Effectively. Royal Statistical Society, London.

Research Networking Event

27th January 2011:

Tourism, Well-Being and Ecosystem Services

Presented on-going research - University of Exeter

Research Group Seminar

8th August 2012:

University of Plymouth

Presented outline of research to the Psychology and Sustainability Research Group