Courtney Buckler

Department: Sociology, Philosophy, and Anthropology
Discipline: Sociology and Philosophy

Project Summary

What does it mean to be evidence-based? What gets to count as evidence? My research explores the ongoing legacy of Evidence-Based Medicine, focussing specifically on evidence-based guidance around depression developed by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE). My work uses Institutional Ethnography (as developed by Canadian sociologist Dorothy Smith) to explore controversy surrounding the depression guideline, looking at how EBM’s discursive legacies are woven into institutional processes, practices, and ways of speaking.



Supervisory Team

Dr Hannah Farrimond 

Dr Angela Cassidy 

Wider Research Interests

Feminist epistemologies, sociology of medical knowledge-making, queer theory, mad studies, pharmaceutical cultures, diagnosis, and Institutional Ethnography. 

Authored Publications/Reports

Courtney Buckler (26th April 2023) Playing the Game: Reflections on intentional institutional capture and working for mental health justice, British Journal of Social Work