Daniel Belkerdid

Department: Graduate School of Education
Discipline: Education
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Research and Professional Learning

Supervisory Team

MA in English - Technical Communication (University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA) Thesis Supervised by:

  • Dr. Dan Jones (Department of English, University of Central Florida)
  • Dr. Madelyn Flammia (Department of English, University of Central Florida)
  • Dr. Murad Qahwash (Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering, DeVry University, Orlando, USA)

Wider Research Interests

Currently, most of my research interests focus on the local language learning environment in Saudi Arabia. Interaction of learner and instructor ranks highly on that list, as does the practice of critical issues related to curriculum design and textbook selection. Linguistic imperialism is increasingly an issue here, as it has been in neighboring countries, and is included in my wider interests. Lastly, the issue of gender as it relates to both language policies in this region as well as discrepancies in learner investment will be a topic in future research projects.