Daniel R. Smith

Department: Sociology & Philosophy

Project Summary

Ask for a copy from author:

Smith, Daniel, (2012), 'Reciprocity, Recognition and Moral Worth', in Simms, J (ed.), The Sociology of Harry Potter, (Madison: Zossmia Press)

Smith, Daniel, (forthcoming, 2013), 'Charlie is so English like: the branded person in the age of YouTube'.Celebrity Studies

Smith, Daniel, (pending), 'The enigma of the YouTube celebrity: the half-way house of a socialist democracy of self-hood'.

Smith, Daniel, (under review for Ephemera), 'The elite ethic of fiduciarity'.

Smith, Daniel, (under review for Journal of Material Culture), ' "Fastening on a name: the Jack Wills Indian Holiday and the British-romantic self'.

Smith, Daniel, (under review for Cultural Sociology), ' "Self Heckle! The recursive 'sociological' value of Russell Kane's stand up'

Smith, Daniel, (in progress), "The Sickness Unto the Video Blogger: YouTube celebrity, existentalism and answerability'.  

Smith, Daniel & King, Anthony (in progress), [untitled paper on colour and elite British society]


Supervisory Team

Co-Supervision from

Matthias Z. Varul, http://socialsciences.exeter.ac.uk/sociology/staff/varul/


Anthony King, http://socialsciences.exeter.ac.uk/sociology/staff/king/


Wider Research Interests

Anthropology of value: gifts, commodities, money


Anthropology of religion


Anthropology of the plastic and dramatic arts


Sociology of British social elite