Derek Philip


Telephone: +8615618988251 

College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Education
Department: Graduate School of Education
Research Centre/Unit: Ed.D. TESOL

I have been involved in TESOL teaching, teacher training, school management and, more recently, materials development for over 12 years. My work in TESOL has taken me to Japan, Spain and China. In 2009, I completed my Master in Education (Applied Linguistics) with The Open University which saw my research interests focus on interpretivism and action research, particularly in relation to EFL teacher professional development. 

Although early in my Doctoral research career, my research interests are following on from my Masters work in Action Research, this time with a greater focus on Critical Theory as applied to curriculum, syllabus and materials development. I am also conducting research into professionalism and identity as well as the development of a process-genre writing intervention to help improve the quality of writing submissions from EFL students. 

My research and other materials can be found at the following site: