Diana Clayton (Dee)

30th January 2014 to 13th February 2014

BEMM349 Tourism Dissertation

1 - Dissertation Proposal - Supporting Seminar 1: Developing your dissertation topic – each student had to present  2-minute buzz presentations in small groups

2 - Dissertation Proposal - Supporting Seminar 2: Making connections for a sound proposal - 3-minute buzz presentations in small groups

September 2012 to December 2012

BEM 3036 Destination Marketing and Management

Assisting with tutorials for Dr Joanne Connell - as part of assessment for LTHE2. Module overview Summary: In a crowded market for tourism, destination marketing is crucial to places seeking to develop, retain or regain consumer interest and expenditure. In this module, you will explore how marketing concepts and practices can be used to create, promote and manage tourism demand. To gain the most from this module, you should have a basic knowledge and understanding of marketing principles. The module provides the opportunity to explore a range of contemporary tourism issues, including: How does a destination recover after a natural disaster or terrorist attack? How can film and TV programmes be used to increase tourism? How important is innovation in tourism destinations? Additional Information: Internationalisation The module has a global outlook and is illustrated by examples from around the world. Students will be encouraged to draw on their own knowledge and experience and this will encourage international students to reflect on practice from their country of origin. Sustainability The protection of natural and community resources is a key premise of the module syllabus, including the use of marketing within appropriate systems of management to promulgate sustainable approaches to tourism. All teaching materials are available on the ELE (Exeter Learning Environment). Employability Key concepts relating to destination marketing will be explored, and these will have direct relevance for those seeking employment in this area. http://vle.exeter.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=3340