Eleanya K. Nduka

Department: Economics
Discipline: Economics
Research Centre/Unit: Environmetal Economics

Project Summary

My research is in renewable energy (RE) as an alternative for fossil fuels energy. This is due to the fact that the use of fossil fuels is increasingly degrading our planet earth. Where can we run to when our planet earth becomes uninhabitable due to global warming, flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, amongst others? In recent years, we have suffered these consequences more than ever before! How much can we pay to avoid these?

Supervisory Team

Professor Surajeet Chakravarty

Professor Brit Grosskopf

Dr Xiaohui Zhang (Pastoral Tutor) 


Wider Research Interests

Environment/Energy/Natural Resource Economics, Applied microeconomics,

Authored Publications/Reports

Nduka, E. K., U. E. Anigbogu, and I. R. Nyiputen (April 2016) Investigating the Causal Relationship Between Stock Market and Aggregate Economic Performance of South Africa, Asian Economic and Financial Review, 6(4), 218-227

Anigbogu U. E. and E. K. Nduka (2014) Stock Market Performance and Economic Growth: Evidence from Nigeria Employing Vector Error Correction Model Framework, The Economics and Finance Letters, 1(9), 90-103

Nduka, E. K (2014) Structural Breaks and the Long-Run Stability of Demand for Real Broad Money Function in Nigeria: A Gregory-Hansen Approach, The Economics and Finance Letters, 1(8), 76-89

Umeanozie, O. A, E. K. Nduka, and J. O. Chukwu (2014) SUBSIDIES AND THE DEMAND FOR PETROLEUM PRODUCTS IN NIGERIA , International Journal of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Research, 3(2), 100-109

Nduka, E. K., E. J. Amarachukwu, and I. J. Frederick () Modeling the Impact of Tourism on Industrial Growth, Annals of Tourism Reserach, In review process

Ebechidi S. and E. K. Nduka () Modeling the Impact of Oil Price Shocks on Energy Sector Stock Returns: Evidence from Nigeria, Economics Bulletin, In review