Emily Johnson



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: Archaeology
Department: Zooarchaeology

Emily discovered her interest in zooarchaeology while undertaking archaeological fieldwork in Kazakhastan in 2011. She focussed on faunal remains for her undergraduate and masters dissertations, graduating with a first class degree in Archaeology and Ancient History in 2012 and an MSc in Bioarchaeology with distinction in 2013. 

Her current research is part of the NeoMilk project, an exciting international project investigating the milking revolution in Neolithic temperate Europe (5500-4900BC), funded by the European Research Council. For her PhD thesis she focussed on the relationship between bone fat use and dairying at key sites from the Linearbandkeramik culture, particularly by undertaking butchery, fracture freshness and fragmentation analysis on faunal assemblages. Now nearing the end of her PhD work and having recently passed her viva voce, Emily is continuing to work closely with the NeoMilk project as a Postdoctoral Research Associate.

Emily runs the archaeology department's twitter account and also blogs on her own site. You can find out about her most recent research by following her on twitter or academia.