F.Begum Yildizeli BA, MA

Department: History
Discipline: History

Project Summary

Potential Title: `` Anglo-Ottoman relations, 1874-1885: in the era of W.E.Gladstone``

The aim of this research thesis will try to explore the 'destruction' of the Ottoman-Anglo alliance with the evolution of the events in the circle of W.E.Gladstone's policies and his policy makers against the Ottoman Empire. While the study will be based on the statesmen's political strategies and their sense of views, it will try to locate the history of the breaking points of the empires. Moreover, the campaigns against the Turks and the election strategies supported the diplomatic relations to transform.

In conjunction with the evidence of the diplomatic relations and the promotion of the public analysis, this work will try to seek the possible answers to the diplomatic alternation until the beginning of the 20th century under the analyse of the W.E.Gladstone`s political authobiography against the Ottoman Empire.

Supervisory Team

Supervisor: Dr. Richard Toye

Second Supervisor: Professor Andrew Thorpe

Mentor: Staffan Muller-Wille

Wider Research Interests

The interactions between Ottoman and British Empire, the political history of the late Ottoman Empire & the new Turkish Republic, 20th century World History; World Wars, local history and political authobioraphical memories.

Authored Publications/Reports

Yildizeli, F. B. (27th March 2012) Review of MiloŇ° Ković, Disraeli & The Eastern Question, Ex-historia, Volume 4 (2012), ISSN 2041-0824, 201-204