Farhad Kerimov

Department: Politics
Discipline: Politics
Research Centre/Unit: Political Theory

Project Summary

My thesis shows how democratic politics requires a commitment to pluralism as engagement and encounter of the other in its otherness. I contend that it is necessary to commit to such an idea of pluralism because of the problem of incomplete understanding. I establish this premise by drawing on Hans-Georg Gadamer’s account of human finitude. Based on this premise, I argue that the instantiation of Gadamer’s principle of openness leads democratic politics to pluralism as engagement and encounter of the other. Further, I develop accounts of asymmetric reciprocity, reflexivity, and agonism as modes of democratic politics that instantiate the principle of openness

Supervisory Team

Dr. Andrew Schaap (Lead) and Dr. Dario Castiglione

Wider Research Interests

Critical Theory, Philosophical Hermeneutics, Democratic Theory, and pasta