Farzana Mazumder

Department: TESOL
Discipline: Education

Project Summary

           Critically addressing the identity of Muslim Women in the EFL/ESL    

                                    Classroom: A U.K context      

The concept of critical is especially salient for language teachers. Because language, culture, and identity are integrally related, language teachers are in a key position to address educational inequality, both because of the particular learners they serve, many of whom are marginalised members of the wider community, and because of the subject matter they teach- language- which can itself serve to both empower and marginalise. In the U.K language teachers are often the first contacts that newcomers (immigrants, migrants and refugees) have in the target language community, and they serve as social mediators and informants in the new environment. They play a key role in the construction of the learners’ views of their new homes; their understandings of familiar belief systems, values and practices; and their negotiations of new social relationships. Hence, I believe it is crucial to examine the knowledge EFL teachers have about veiled Muslim women and what are the pedagogical developments i.e, what is currently in the syllabus, materials and classroom practices addressing this issue.



Supervisory Team

Dr. Salah Troudi  



Wider Research Interests

           Developing critical teaching in the profession of EFL teacher education