Georgie Tarling

Discipline: Graduate School of Education

Project Summary

My PhD is an exploratory multiple case study of how 7 year olds’ online perceptions and practices are shaped by their home, school and peer contexts. I am working alongside four children in each of three schools, observing them at home and in class. I am using a range of creative methods to try and give voice to the children themselves about their practices and perceptions, but I am also comparing their perspectives with those of their families and teachers. This is an attempt to provide a holistic but perhaps contradictory picture of what they are doing and also to identify the barriers and catalysts to criticality and reflection that exist amongst the adults shaping these children’s habits. In the first instance my aim with this work is to collaborate with my participants to develop locally meaningful interventions that address any broad issues that arise. Beyond this I aim to build links with other researchers to see how this localised perspective might contribute to a broader picture of nurturing digital literacies and wellbeing from an early age.  

Supervisory Team

Professor Rupert Wegerif

Dr Judith Kleine-Staarman


Wider Research Interests

In addition to my PhD I am collaborating with a local theatre company providing e-safety workshops to schools. Here I am looking at the effectiveness of drama as a way of engaging children, teachers and parents in reflection about some of the ethical dilemmas created by being online.