Hanan AlEid



College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Graduate School of Education
Department: Education

I got my Bachelor degree in Education majoring English literature from Girls College of Education in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. Then, in September 2006, I joined the University of Nevada, Reno in the United States of America for the master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). In December 18, 2008, I was awarded the Master of Art in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Upon the completion of my master’s degree, I headed back to my home country and joined my colleagues in my workplace at the university.

In May 2009, the higher administration of university established an English Language Unit to organize, support, and supervise and manage the English language courses and classes that were taught in the preparatory year. And I was chosen by the higher administration of the university for the establishment and management missions of the English Language Unit. So, in addition to working as an English language instructor, I also worked as the English Language Unit Deputy. I worked as the Deputy of the Unit for about three years. In August 2012, I left the English Language Unit for another management duty. In September 2012, I supervised the English Language Diploma Program for one year. And in January 2013, I joined the Community Service and Continuing Education Deanship as the Director of the Continuing Education Department. I worked there for one year. Throughout this year, I was successfully able to have ETS approved the university as a TOEFL test location. For now, I'm in my second year of Ed.D. in TESOL. I left All administrative and management duties to focus on my Ed.D. because I really want to be a knowledge generator instead of being only knowledge consumer. Upon the completion of my Ed.D. in TESOL, I will be able to take a leadership role in education.

For now, my research interest covers three different areas of great interest such as the relationship between learners and teachers identities and the learning process of English language, curriculum design, and pedagogy of teaching. Fortunately, there is a huge change in my research interests since I started the Ed.D. program. Before, my research interests have been always related to the educational technology and how may integrating technology in the classroom influence the learning and the teaching process. In fact, it is really important for all academics to be involved in different areas of research to support the their main interests with new perspectives and views. Throughout working on Ed.D. assignments I had a great chances of working extensively on real studies of mine and joining research sessions and seminars, which helped in knowing new areas of research and choosing to research in such new interest of me. In fact, Ed.D. changed the way i used to think of knowledge and helped me choose the right educational track for me. In my view, and for the globalisation stage that the whole world is going through, it is really important to get to know what components construct people's identities and how to analyse such construction.